Create A Unique Sensor Stack for Gas Detection Systems


  • Pyreos provides a new range of four-channel (quad) pyroelectric detectors in TO-39 packaging
  • These detectors are targeted at gas and food analysis applications such as refrigerant detection, anaesthesia, exhaust gases, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons

The need for hybrid sensors is increasing day by day. Designers need more complex systems with more sensor integrations on a single chip. Interfacing individual sensors in a multi-sensor system can create a delay while data processing. This delay is created due to the multi-channel data processing at the controller’s end.


Pyreos launched a new range of four-channel(quad) pyroelectric detectors. They come in a TO-39 package. These detectors can work over a frequency range of up to 40 Hz. The target applications for these detectors are gas detection sensors and food analysis systems.


According to Pyreos, these detectors are a collection of robust and easy to use sensors. These sensors feature high sensing sensitivity. It leads to development of a higher resolution and low power consumption based detector.

Select from 30 different filters

The TO-39 range offers a high pixel area and signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio. A user can select from a pre-configured list of 30 different filters. This method is designed to maximise the sensor choice available for short lead times. These filters can cover common gasses, anaesthesia, refrigerants, and some non-gaseous applications such as food analysis.

A common activation switch controls all sensors

TO-39 range can help in the detection and analysis of diverse gases and foodstuffs with a switch-on feature. This provides a common activation switch to all the detectors combined in a chip. It can provide long operational life to the sensor.

Reference Design for a 300W AC/DC Power Supply

Andrew Wallace, CEO of Pyreos, informed about the product in a statement saying,

“The quad range provides an especially cost-effective solution for our customers working in multi-gas detection markets and we are providing this with an ever-increasing filter range,”.

Customer support

With all these features, Pyreos seems to offer wide filter choices to make a customised detection system. Additionally, the company extends quick support for hardware, software and algorithm development for the detection systems.




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