Unveiling The Capabilities Of This New Digital Oscilloscope


  • RIGOL has announced the release of the DS2102Z-E oscilloscope
  • The use of Ultravision technology helps in increasing the performance and fidelity of the oscilloscope

Oscilloscope provides a method to measure the different signal parameters of a system. A basic oscilloscope can measure amplitude, frequency and the signal type for an input signal.

Working of basic oscilloscope
Working of a basic oscilloscope

The need for integrating signal conditioning tools with an oscilloscope has also increased over time. These features are not available with conventional oscilloscopes.

RIGOL Technologies has introduced a new oscilloscope which is packed with all the advanced signal processing tools. DS2102Z-E works on RIGOL’s Ultravision technology. This technology helps in increasing the performance and fidelity of the oscilloscope.


According to the company, DS2102Z-E features a two-channel interface than can measure two different signals at a given time. It works on a channel width of up to 200 Mhz. This helps the device to sample a given signal with a rate of up to one GSA per second. It also provides a memory depth of up to 24 Mpts. This increases the processing rate of an input signal.

Record and measure analogue signals

DS2102Z-E comes with a real-time signal capturing module. It provides a waveform capture rate of up to 30,000 waveforms per second. It can also record real-time waveforms of up to 60,000 waveforms per second. These recorded waveforms can be measured and analysed in the oscilloscope. This oscilloscope contains various trigger and bus decoding functions used for analysing a given waveform.

Supports data synchronisation over a network

The basic functionalities of this oscilloscope include a vertical scale range of one millivolt per division up to ten millivolts per division. This device supports data synchronisation over a network using inbuilt transmission adapters. This includes a USB, LAN and an auxiliary port to connect peripheral interfaces.

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The DS2102Z-E comes with a seven-inch WVGA display. This display provides a resolution of 800X400 pixels. It features an intensity graded color display that provides an interactive interface to the user.

With all these features, this oscilloscope can be a universal solution for recording and measuring the analogue signals. As analogue signals are used in almost every electronics industry, this device can act as a good hardware tool for increasing the fidelity of a signal.




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