This Storage Solution Can Enhance Data Safety in Automotive Systems



ROM is responsible for “helping” the processor in its operations. It is a non-volatile memory that stores all the data processed by the processor. NVROM and SROM are currently used as solutions for memory storage devices. However, the implementation of these solutions increases the overall fabrication cost of the device.

The ROM based memory device
The ROM based memory device

Cypress semiconductors have recently released a NOR-based flash memory device. According to the company, Cypress Semper is a NOR flash Memory based on providing a nonvolatile storage solution. This solution can integrate with the present processing systems. The integration can provide safety features for automotive and industrial systems.

The device provides program/erase capacity of up to one million times

The device runs on EnduraFlex Architecture. This architecture is developed by Cyprus systems. It increases the program/erase capability of the memory device up to one+ million times. The company also informed that the data can be retained in the memory device of up to 25 years. The device can work for a temperature range from -40° C to +125° C. Additionally, the device provides easy integration with Quad SPI and hyperbus interfaces.

The device meets the requirement of automotive device standards 


This flash memory device meets automotive functional safety standards. The memory device falls under the category of ASIL-B and ASIL-D complaint devices. These two standards are used to check if the device fulfills the functional safety requirements.

The areas of application for the device includes automotive instrument clusters, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and networking communications. As compared to the present data storing devices, this device can store the processed data in faster storage rates.

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Semper NOR flash devices can optimise the working of critical industrial systems. Thus, a reliable memory device can help in providing error-free storage solutions to the industry.




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