Open Frame Power Supply Promises Energy Efficiency and Isolations


  • The supply uses an optimised switching topology that can provide energy efficiency of up to 90 per cent
  • Higher isolation voltages of the power supply make it suitable for industrial applications. 

The output power from a particular system can be varied according to the load connected to the output terminal of the system. The regulated power supply has been a requirement where the change of loads takes place frequently.

The power requirement for operating DC devices has increased gradually over the years. This has also increased the need for power supplies with high isolations.

Cosel has recently added four new series of power supplies to its existing power supply collection. These are open frame, low profile and compact power supplies. They have a wide power output range from 30 Watt up to 100 Watt. These devices also fulfil the safety guidelines for industrial electronic appliances.


The wide range of supplies has been introduced to meet the growing demand for output power in industrial applications. These power supplies have a typical efficiency of up to 90 per cent. In addition to higher efficiency, the noise and ripple levels of the device are also reduced by using partial resonance technology. The LHA30-50-75-100F can operate in a wide temperature range from -10C up to +70C.

According to the company, the LHA series has been designed to provide ease to designers in selecting a power supply. This series can be useful for industrial applications requiring the highest level of quality and safety.

Use of potentiometer provides variable power supply output

These power supplies offer an input voltage range of 85 VAC up to 264 VAC. It offers five different output voltages of up to 24 Volt. These power supplies can be customised with an on-board potentiometer. This potentiometer can help in adjusting the output voltage of the power supply. These power supplies come in many variants with the maximum weight of up to 250 grams.

Programmable Power Supplies Offer Upto 1500V

In addition to its switching topology, the supply can automatically switch to an energy-saving mode using intermittent pulse modulation. These power supplies include inrush current protection and over-current protection. It also features an option for automatic recovery of the power supply configurations.

The units can be mounted in any orientation, though depending on the ambient temperature and environment.

The units have a 3,000 VAC input to output isolation voltage, 2,000 VAC input to ground and 500 VAC output to ground voltage

These power supplies comply with the RoHS standards for an electronic appliance. The LHA30-50-75-100F power supplies are suitable for a wide range of applications including measurement and analysis equipment, machine tools and industrial robots, display equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.



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