New Reliable Smart Controller For Industry 4.0

- Surya Teja

  • It consists of 85 different I/O ports that can be used to interface various sensors and actuators
  • This device integrated with dual-core i.MX6 ARM processor which provides high performance to power ratio
Pic Source: United Electronic Industries (UEI)

Industries are adopting automation to increase productivity and business. The main segments of Industry 4.0 revolution are IoT and M2M(Machine to Machine). M2M is a part of Industry 4.0, It requires a wide range of peripherals to communicate with other machines also need to be power-efficient.

United Electronic Industries announced a new automation controllers UEIPAC-G4, As per the company, the UEIPAC G4 has a wide of peripherals support and provides high performance than it’s previous generations.

Various ports that can capable of multiple applications

The UEIPAC-G4 is capable of 85 different I/O ports including analog, digital inputs, and outputs. It is capable of CAN and serial communication interfaces which are essential protocols in M2M. Because of its various ports, it can be used in various applications such as avionics simulators, vehicle controllers, industrial M2M applications and more.

Modern CPU with high performance and cost-effective


As per the company, UEIPAC G4 integrated with modern ARM CPU which provides 5 times higher performance than previous versions of UEIPAC. It features with HMI interface including HDMI and touch screen capabilities. It also integrated with the M.2 slot which can be used to install Wifi, GSM, and SSD.

The company also states that it also offers a combination of flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness as a solution. UEIPAC series allows user applications without cost or additional space required for an external host computer.

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