A Chip Based On Combination of UWB and Distance Calculation

-Surya Teja

  • This chip enables a wide range of applications including hands-free access to a car
  • Its Unique UWB(Ultra Wide Band) capabilities help the user to access the car anywhere in the shorter distances
Pic Source: NXP

Smart devices play a pivot role when it comes to digital life. The smartphone is now capable of wireless transactions, controls, and access to other devices, etc. These new innovations help the users to improve the lifestyle but at the same time, they need to be secure.

The NXP NCJ29D5 is a new generation of UWB ICs designed specifically for the demands of the global automotive industry. The company states that the combination of NXP connectivity and secure solutions helps to provide a secure digital life to users.

Localisation and Connectivity

NCJ29D5 provides precise, secure, real-time localisation capabilities. The technology is designed to give spatial awareness to UWB-equipped cars, mobiles, and smart devices. It helps the cars to know exactly where the users are located. It also provides the smartphone-based car access without the need for physical keys.


Using smartphones users can open and start cars while leaving their phones in their pockets or bags. It also features secure remote parking via smartphone. Furthermore, The new UWB IC brings the maximum level of protection against car theft.

Additional features of UWB technology

Beyond smart access and remote parking, UWB target other existing use cases such as

  • Short Range Radar – For life sign detection and easy trunk access
  • Smartphone Valet parking – Cars can be sent to park autonomously via a smartphone application
  • Electric vehicle charging – Autonomous positioning on vehicle charger
  • Drive through payment – Localization for secure on the go payment
  • Car as a key – Car is enabled to seamlessly access garage door/parking
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