Compact-Sized Inductors that Can Work at High Operating Temperatures

-Surya Teja

  • This provides optimal performance at high temperatures in industrial applications
  • Suitable for low profile, high current and high temperatures operations.
(Pic source – Vishay Intertechnology)

Every electrical and electronic signal generator and analyzer is equipped with filters for signal processing. Inductors play a vital role in signal analyzers. These provide additional filtering of noise signals. They are used with RC circuits to design filters for signal processing but at high temperatures, the inductors are not optimized for a good performance. So, it’s a downfall for some industrial applications.

The new series of inductors IHLP-1212AZ-51, IHLP-1212AB-51, and IHLP-1212BZ-51 from Vishay Intertechnology features compact size. As per the company, these inductors are optimized for high operating temperatures and high current.

High operating temperatures and High current inductors

The company states that the newly launched series of inductors have high operating temperatures up to +155 ° C. So, this can be an opportunity for development in industrial applications. They have optimized features for excellent attenuation at high current. Also capable of handling high transient current spikes without saturation. The company states that these are an excellent choice for DC/DC converters and storage up to 5 Mhz applications.

Compact in Design


The low profile and compact size of Vishay inductors provide flexibility to industrial circuit designers. Also packed in 100% lead-free shielded construction. These inductors also featured with thermal shocks and mechanical shocks prevention.

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