Battery Management System For High Performance Electric Vehicles


Has the ability to optimise maximum battery usage and protect it from damage

A battery pack consists of groups of individual battery cells that seamlessly work together to deliver maximum power output. If the cells go out of balance, the cells can get stressed leading to premature charge termination and a reduction in the battery’s overall lifetime.

The BMS (Battery Management System) ICs offered by Analog Devices acts as the “brains” behind battery packs and efficiently manages a vehicle’s electric output, charging and discharging. It also provides precision measurements to safeguard the battery from damage during a vehicle operation. This results in safer vehicle operation and an increased vehicular range per battery charge.

Adopted by Rimac


Due to such advantageous features, Rimac Automobili, the developer and manufacturer of automotive electrification systems, has decided to incorporate ADI’s BMS ICs into Rimac’s BMS. Rimac believes that this technology will provide its BMS the ability to extract maximum energy and capacity out of its batteries, by calculating reliable State of Charge and other battery parameters.

“Rimac is a technology powerhouse in the field of high-performance electric vehicles,” said Rimac CEO Mate Rimac. “We develop and manufacture key electrification systems for many global automotive companies and raise the bar for performance electric vehicles with our own hypercars. Our application of BMS is among the most demanding in the world, requiring the highest accuracy, massive current and voltage draws over very short time scales, and rapid dynamic adjustment within the battery management control system. We have decided to adopt the Analog Devices portfolio of battery management ICs across our complete product line of battery management systems. ADI’s ICs are an integral part of our in-house developed BMS that we are using in our own vehicles, but also for many global car brands. We have benchmarked these ICs in the market and selected Analog Devices for superior precision measurement accuracy and product robustness over the lifetime of the vehicle. We look forward to working with Analog Devices in the future to achieve high performance BMS in our vehicles and battery packs.”

This Design Can Be Used For Making Efficient Transceiver Systems

Achieving best performance at high speeds

To begin with, Rimac is incorporating ADI’s BMS technology into the Rimac C Two, which is a fully electric hyper-car capable of speeds of up to 258 mph (415 kmph). With 1,914 horsepower, the C Two accelerates 0-60 mph (0-96 kmph) in 1.85 seconds and 0-186 mph (0-299 kmph) in 11.8 seconds.

“High performance electric vehicles require high precision electronics,” said Patrick Morgan, Vice President, Automotive Electrification and Infotainment, Analog Devices. “Precision accuracy directly translates to maximizing battery capacity and range with fast charging time. We are pleased to support Rimac with our precision battery management ICs for its leading-edge electric vehicle systems with the goal of achieving some of the best performance in the world.”



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