Vibration Sensor That Can Reduce the Need Of Complex and Expensive Cabling


  • It allows precise measurement of machine vibrations in industry-specific industries
  • For the monitoring of large areas, the sensor can also be mounted on a robot or drone to analyse and record sensed information

Vibration sensors are used for measuring, displaying, and analyzing linear velocity of a system. The sensor output is an AC signal. 

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AMS has introduced a new laser-based optical sensor. According to AMS, the sensor is designed to measure and analyse vibrations produced from machine parts. The sensor can sense vibrations of up to three meters. The device is developed through a collaboration between Vocalzoom and AMS Corporation.

The sensor claims to be free from mounting constraints

As stated by the company, the device has a dimension of 15mm x 6mm. The sensor is claimed to be free from mounting constraints. The sensor can measure any surface and any material. It can even detect vibrations regardless of the mounting orientation of the vibration sensor. The device is said to be spill-proof. Also, the device can work in a wide range of temperature.


The sensor can detect vibration frequencies of up to six kHz. It also detects slow vibration processes in an ultra-low frequency range. In addition to these features, the measurement method is resistive to ambient and background light or noise.

Evaluation kit for Data analysis and monitoring 

The company is also providing an evaluation kit for the sensor. The kit provides quick and easy testing of the new technology. The kit connects the sensor with a PC through HDMI cable. This provides a USB interface to the sensor. The kit includes software which can read the sensor data (speed and distance). The software can be used to display, analyse and store the sensor data in the PC.

The sensor is covered with a closed case. The case consists of a standard tripod extension board. This case provides mounting methods for easy integration with the commercial tripods.

The company also informed the sensor can have a wide number of applications. The sensor can be integrated with housing and mounting solutions, electronic components and peripheral interfaces. For the monitoring of large areas, the sensor can also be mounted on a robot or drone to analyse and record useful information.


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