Coaxial Adaptor Can Increase Design Versatility Of Broadcast Devices


  • These coaxial adapters can streamline the integration of emerging and legacy technologies in radio communication
  • These adapters are constructed with a combination of brass and nickel-plated bodies

Coaxial cables are used as transmission lines for radio frequency, video and data signals. They have traditionally been used as feed lines to connect radio transmitters and receivers. These transmission systems are used to provide a communication channel to digital audio and cable television signals.


The cable is connected to the communication using coaxial adaptors. These adaptors alter the orientation of the signal. This alteration helps in phase matching. This reduces power loss in the communication system. The current adaptors use a long overhauling technique for setting up a new cable communication.

Amphenol RF has released its industry-leading 12G broadcast portfolio of cable adaptors. This portfolio includes a series of different coaxial adaptor configurations. The company states that these adaptors can streamline the integration between emerging and legacy technologies. It can remove the need for a substantial overhaul of the existing communication system.


Offers jack to jack and plug to jack configurations to provide versatility in application design

Following broadcast industry standards, the new adaptors can operate at 75 ohms. The adaptor can work in the frequency range of up to 12 GHz. This adaptor features an N-type connector which can be connected to one of the three ports of the RF transmitter. On the other side, BNC or MCX can be interfaced with the coaxial cable. These adaptors offer jack to jack and plug to jack configurations. This increases the versatility of the designed broadcast device.

This adaptor is suitable for measurement applications

These adaptors are constructed with a combination of brass and nickel-plated bodies. The contact points of the adaptor are gold-plated. The use of these materials provides reliable electrical performance to the implemented system.

In addition to broadcast designs, these products are ideal for bench-top tests of signal conditioning devices. The adaptors can also be used in the development of measurement devices working in the signal communication process.


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