Optimised Power Supply Device For Immersed Computing Applications


  • This power supply device can deliver low inrush current while maintaining a high safety level
  • The company states that the device fulfils RoHS and REACH standards for electronic devices

In the present time, high current and voltage consuming devices have increased the demands of high current dissipating power supply solutions.

Powerbox has recently launched a new power supply solution. This power supply device, as per the company, is specifically designed for immersed computing applications. The company states that the PRBX OFI600A12 is a certified power supply development platform. It can be used for the development of power supply devices that can be used for “immerged” applications.

  • This device provides an integration of an interleaved transition mode power factor correction (PFC) design with an LLC converter. It also features an in-built supervising function. This allows the power supply device to restore factory configuration for specific tasks.The company states that the power supply device is designed to have the lowest possible inrush current. The current measured during the tests appeared to be less than 10 Ampere at 264 Volt AC. The rated efficiency of the device is said to be 93 per cent.

    This device can provide a power supply output of up to 600 Watt


    The device can run at an input voltage of up to 256 Volts. It features dual output ports with a maximum wattage of up to 600 Watt. The master port can provide wattage of up to 600 Watt and the auxiliary port of can work up to 200 Watt Power dissipation.

    During the recent launch of the product, Powerbox in its official statement said that,

    “ Besides requiring a new mechanical approach to facilitate fluid circulation through and around the power supply, designers had to investigate every single component for compatibility with cooling fluids to guarantee they will maintain their mechanical and electrical performances when immerged, e.g. risk of corrosion. The development process also included a thorough risk analysis to verify that when immerged the final product operates with the highest level of safety for users and equipment. Output protection may be required to be one of several different configurations — switch off, hiccup mode or constant current — meeting this requirement .”

    The company also informed that OFI600A12 includes several device protection circuits. The design of the device contains voltage and current protections circuits for power regulations. Also, the working modes of the device can be configured in the device firmware. This provides the user with freedom of making user-specific configurations for device operations.

    The device is said to be protected by a conformal coating which provides insulation between the input and output. This device is a RoHS standard-compliant device which increases its application in industry-specific applications.

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