Stacked Connectors that Can Help in Maximising PCB Space


  • These belly-to-belly connectors support data rates of up to 28 Gbits/s NRZ and 56 Gbits/s PAM-4
  • TE informed that these connectors can provide solutions to hyper-scale data centres and network switching based applications

TE Connectivity (TE) has recently introduced its zSFP+ stacked belly-to-belly connector that supports a high data transmission rate. The connectors are loaded with an upright latching feature. These connectors can accommodate four-row belly-to-belly applications to enable higher faceplate density. It also maximises printed circuit board (PCB) space in hyperscale data centres and network switch applications.

belly connector
Belly connector

According to the company, the newly launched connectors include two models featuring different port configurations. It includes 2×4 and 2×12 configurations that address different application requirements. These belly-to-belly connectors support data rates of up to 28 Gbits/s NRZ and 56 Gbits/s PAM -4.

The zSFP+ stacked belly-to-belly connectors are shows compatibility with the previously launched connector models. The company claims to do so by using the same mating interface and cage dimensions with the entire SFP/SFP+/SFP 28 portfolio. This can help the designers during in-design modifications and system upgrades.

Consists of a Cage Assembly with Integrated Connector


The hardware design for the device consists of a set of surface mount technology-based connectors (SMTC). These connectors are structured in a cage assembly to provide compact packaging to the device.

The company states that the casing is based on SFP (small form factor portable) profile. This helps the device to dissipate heat and reduce system temperature. As a result, this leads to an increase in system performance while working in a low power consuming system.

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Jimmy Ju, the product manager at TE Connectivity’s data and devices (business unit) informed about the new product with a statement saying,

We see that 56-gigabit PAM-4 performance is becoming a standard in hyperscale data centres and high-end network switches and routers, and many customers are demanding PAM-4 support as well as higher faceplate density.TE’s new zSFP+ stacked belly-to-belly connectors offer both features to facilitate higher data centre performance.

With the release of this high profile connecter, seamless data connectivity can be provided to a big network or a system having superscalar architecture.




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