New Product Features Non-Volatile EERAM For Storage Application


  • Using this new product can help in reducing the Bill of Materials (BoM) cost of manufacturing conventional memory storage devices
  • These devices can retain stored content during power losses without the help of an external battery

RAM is responsible for “helping” the processor in its operations. It temporarily stores all the pipelined instructions and data that the processor needs to run a program. NVRAM and SRAM are currently used as solutions for memory storage devices. However, the implementation of these solutions increases the overall fabrication cost of the device.

Microchip has unveiled a new serial peripheral interface (SPI) based EERAM memory device. As stated by the company, the integration of this memory product can save up to 25 per cent on the total cost of currently used memory devices. The device offers a high-density SPI EERAM with a memory size of up to one Mb for data-logging applications.

Uses complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) and flash processing

The company told that the device is using complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) and flash processing. This helps designers in fabricating a memory device with desired characteristics. These processes are the most widely used fabrication processes as they offer the best reliability and lowest cost to the device development industry.

How does it work?


EERAM is a standalone non-volatile RAM that uses the same SPI and I2C protocols as serial SRAM. It provides an ability to retain SRAM content during power loss without using an external battery. All non-volatile aspects of the part are essentially invisible to the user.

When the device detects power going away, it automatically transfers the SRAM data to non-volatile storage. It restores the data once the power requirement is achieved again.

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In manufacturing lines, for example, a station handles millions of tasks over its lifetime. If data is lost in a process, the station requires overhauling or discarding of items. EERAMs automatically store SRAM content in these settings which allows the manufacturing line to resume the disrupted task.

All these features make it a deployable solution for design engineers working on data logging applications and are looking for rapid prototyping of the developed solutions.




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