This Device Marks a New Era of Software-Free Data Loggers


  • This data logger can store up to one million readings related to temperature, humidity and pressure
  • It can be easily integrated with EasyLog cloud for enhanced data security

Data Loggers are widely used in every industry for a variety of applications. Temperature is the most commonly measured and recorded parameter using data loggers. These are known for their virtual applications.

Lascar Electronics has recently launched its data logger EL-SIE range, which they informed, is a ‘Software-free’ device. Such devices have an inbuilt configuration software and do not require any third-party software or applications for reconfigurations.

The device, as stated by the company, is capable of measuring ambient temperature, humidity and pressure and storing the data of up to one million readings. It has an onboard display which shows the real-time readings being recorded by the device.


Supports different modes for data logging

The data logger operates at an operating voltage of up to three Volts which is provided by two AAA battery cells. The device features different measurement modes such as pre-start and trigger start measurement mode. The pre-start mode is a time based in which the logging starts at a specific provided time. In trigger mode, the data logging starts when a certain value for a parameter increases or decreases from a defined ‘cut-off’ value.

Easy convinient method for data transfer
An easy convenient method for data transfer

Easy USB debugging to send data from memory to cloud

The company informed that the device features a USB based single-step data synchronisation to the cloud platform. The device uses EasyLog cloud which is known for its enhanced data security. It provides the user to access the logged data from any internet-connected computer or mobile device. Additionally, EasyLog provides an online analysis and report generation tool for interactive data representation.

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With all these features, the device can be used in a number of markets including facilities and building management, logistics, warehouses and storage, and clean rooms and other pressure-sensitive environments.




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