Create a Cloud Integrated System Using These IoT Platforms


IoT services
IoT services
  • Internet of Things(IoT) can be described as a collection of useful data which can be accessed anywhere, anytime by anyone.
  • These Cloud-based IoT platforms can help in the development of a real-time sensing-based system.

This article provides information about platforms which are providing services for IoT integration and data monitoring. It includes features and annual charges of different available platforms which can be used in the development of an IoT architecture.


Google cloud platform

The google cloud platform helps in improving the operational efficiency of an IoT based system. It provides solutions based on the monitoring of smart cities, vehicles and environmental based sensing systems. The annual charges for this cloud service start from Rs. 1,27,000 per month.


This cloud supports a wide range of embedded operating systems. It features machine learning capablities to IoT based ecosystems. The cloud provides real-time data monitoring to globally dispersed IoT devices. Additionally, it supports an intelligent location-based tagging feature which makes it advantageous over other service providers.

Website: Google Cloud Platform

Amazon AWS IoT core

Amazon Web services (AWS) helps in the development of an easy and interactive cloud-based platform. It is a pre-managed cloud service and allows the user to monitor and log data devices even in offline modes. The cloud supports HTTP and MQTT protocols for easy data integrations between the device and the cloud.

The services for AWS cloud platform is available for free with limited features for a period of 1 year. The services can be customised according to the features required by the developed IoT system.

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AWS also features an interactive learning guide which features a three-step starter kit for developers working on the IoT platform.

Website: Amazon AWS IoT Core

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Microsoft Azure IoT suite provides industry-oriented cloud-based management solutions. It features an open platform for the development of cloud-based applications. The services provided by Azure are based on industry-related problems such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

A free guide on ‘building an IoT application using Azure’ is also provided by the company for the beginners. The platform provides a number of features and functionalities which helps the user to increase the scalability of a designed system.

The usage charges for this cloud platform varies according to the services being utilised by the user.

Website: Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Oracle IoT platform

Oracle IoT cloud is one of the widely used cloud platforms for data analysis. It features real-time data integration which can be accessed through enterprise applications or web services.

It allows a user to develop a multi-platform IoT application which is accessible with Android, IOS and Java-based applications. Additionally, the device provides features like device virtualization, high-speed messaging, and endpoint management.

This cloud platform can be used in the development of supply chain, ERP and customer experience applications. The usage charges for this cloud platform varies from Rs. 156 to Rs. 250 per hour depending on the services accessed by the user.

Website: Oracle IoT

ThingSpeak cloud platform

ThingSpeak is an IoT analytics platform service that allows you to aggregate, visualize and analyze live data streams in the cloud. It provides instant visualization of data posted by your devices to ThingSpeak Server. This platform supports HTTP and MQTT platform which increases the integration of this cloud with different sensors and devices.

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The cloud platform is specially designed to integrate cloud-based services with microcontrollers. This platform also features easy integration with MATLAB, for the analysis of data gathered by sensors.

The usage charges for this cloud platform varies according to the services being utilised by the user. The cloud can be used free of cost with limited features for a period of 12 months.

Link: Thingspeak

These are some of the cloud service based platforms which are being used by designers for the development of IoT applications.




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