Tiny Silicon Material Enables Fast Communication Among Multiple Chips


No bigger than a grain of rice, this material enables data transmission and reception at speeds of gigabytes per second

Intel EMIB (embedded multi-die interconnect bridge)

These days, chips in digital devices such as smartphones, computers, servers and many more, are comprised of increasingly small multiple chips. These chips are securely placed inside one rectangular package. It is of wonder that how these small, multiple chips equipped with high-end memory and graphics communicate with each other.

Now, the semiconductor leader Intel, has come up with its latest innovation called EMIB (embedded multi-die interconnect bridge) which is a complex, multi-layered silicon material that is no bigger than a grain of rice. It enables multiple chips to transmit and receive enormous quantities of data at blinding speeds of several gigabytes per second.


EMIBs are helping data flow at rapid speeds inside nearly one million laptops and field programmable gate array devices worldwide. That number is soon expected to rise as soon as Intel’s EMIB technology enters the mainstream. Currently, Intel’s Ponte Vecchio processor, a general-purpose GPU contains EMIB silicon.

To meet customers’ unique demands, this innovative technology allows chip designers to manage together multiple specialised chips, faster than ever. Compared with an older, competing designs in which chips inside a package were placed inside a single electronic board, with each chip plugged into it, Intel’s tiny, flexible and cost-effective EMIB silicon offers an 85 percent increase in bandwidth. That can make devices such as laptop, server, 5G processor, graphics card and much more to run dramatically faster.

With the current generation of Intel’s EMIBs operating at fast speeds, it is expected that the next-generation of Intel’s EMIB could double or even triple that bandwidth speed.

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