This Design can Provide Complete Point-of-Sale (POS) Solution


  • The design includes a capacitive pin pad module for enhanced security during card payment transactions
  • It features a single chip solution for touch and pin module to reduce overall BOM cost

The payment industry has evolved in the last decade. Presently, there are three primary methods which are used for transactions in payment services. Card payment is one of the widely used methods for paying the cost of goods and services.

Securing card payment methods has always been a priority for the card payment industry (CPI) to provide a robust point-of-sale solution. This reference design provides a prototype solution that can reduce the payment vulnerabilities in present payment devices.

The reference design is based on a prototype developed by NXP Semiconductors for providing a low-cost solution to the card payment industry.

Uses tower system development platform


The design features a USB powered circuit which is based on a low power consumption platform. It uses a tower system based development platform which helps the device in easy integration with communication modules. The design features an independent real-time clock module which helps in accurate data logging and location services.

tower configuration
tower configuration

It uses Cirque SecureSense technology which provides a single chip solution to connect with the touch screen and capacitive pin pad module. This solution helps in creating a tone-less key entry.

Features an interactive user interface for device development

The design has been developed using a powerful 32-bit microprocessor. It provides a storage memory of 512 Mb. The design can be easily interfaced with the software using a USB or a JTAG connector.

The design features on-board pushbuttons for status indicators and reset function. A non-maskable interrupt can also be generated using an onboard push button.

MEMS-Based LiDAR Sensor With Excellent Motion Detection Features

All these mentioned features can help designers in developing a personalised point-of-sale solution.

The design has been released and developed by NXP Semiconductors and the design includes all the necessary documents for open-source prototyping of the circuit. All the technical documents can be downloaded here.




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