New Innovative Products For Conectivity Solutions


 A slew of innovative products and solutions for digital and smart automation intends to develop future-proof connectivity for industry and IT and to design an SPE Ecosystem

Future-proof connectivity for industry and IT

HARTING’s T1 Industrial Interface offers a fully standardised interface for industrial M3I3C3E3 applications. To be released this year, the company plans on establishing this interface for Single Pair Ethernet applications in the industrial sector.

T1 Industrial Interface

Securely transmits signals

HARTING’s Han DDD® is an industrial connector for miniaturisation in the fields of robotics and automation. Where electrical power and signal transmission play a significant role, the industrial connector can securely transmit signals. The Han D® series, which stands for high contact density and small dimensions, can transmit signals or power with a maximum of 107 contacts.

Han® DDD


  • Miniaturisation: in contrast to the previous standard, the surface has almost twice as many contacts (+130%) whilst retaining the same electrical characteristics.
  • Han® DDD reduces costs, as the number of contacts per interface is higher. No additional tools are needed for processing, for example, when fitting the wire ferrules of the PE contacts.
  • The use of Han® DDD speeds up the assembly. Thanks to the standard connection technology, the required cable lines to robots and machine modules can be routed quickly and easily with Han®

Directly shielding the module


Han® Shielded Power Module offers three power contacts and one PE contact for connecting typical three-phase loads. In addition, there are two signal contacts for temperature monitoring, brakes and similar devices, as well as a large-area shield transition that enables the EMC-compliant connection of the cable shield directly to the module. This offers an alternative to hard-wiring shielded power lines while allowing these types of connections to be done in a common housing alongside other modules of the Han-Modular® series.

Han® Shielded Power (front), Han DD® double module (center) and Han® M12 module.

The advantage of the module is that shielded power cables can now be connectorised. It is easy to handle as the shielding can be terminated directly to the module. This results in shorter assembly times for machinery and equipment, in the factory or at the end customer.

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M12 in modular style

The M12 format enjoys high acceptance as a robust data interface. HARTING has integrated this mating face within a single module – as a Han® M12 module with two M12 interfaces for signals, industrial buses or Ethernet transmission. It is available as different types, e.g. D- or X-coded version. As a result, the packing density compared to existing modules is doubled. This also saves on space for one module in the hinged frame – space that can be used for other functions.

Han DD® double module: higher voltage with Han D® contacts

With the Han DD® double module, HARTING has created a solution for 36 Han D® contacts that combine high contact density with a rated voltage of 400 V. Existing solutions accommodate only 24 contacts for 250 V in the same space. Thus, the number of contacts is increased by 50%.

Due to the electrical properties (10 A / 400 V), the double module is particularly suitable for transmitting power and signals in machines and robots. For the first time ever, it is now possible to use a single module to implement plug-in connections for three-phase AC motors, including return path for all six axes of a robot.


Han® Configurator: New features simplify modifications

The Han® Configurator’s new feature designs the position and number of cable entries in line with their own requirements.  The Configurator ensures that interface design meets the respective technical requirements and that the components used are compatible with each other.

As soon as the configuration is completed, a digital record of the solution worked out is ready for download, and CAD data and dimensional drawings for the individual part are directly accessible. The online tool thus helps accelerate design – both for the user and for HARTING. New connectors can be manufactured and delivered faster.

Features/customer benefits:

  • Optimal solutions in combination with Han-Modular®;
  • Short delivery times for interfaces thanks to fully-automated production of the individual connector configuration;
  • Efficient collaboration via the myHARTING Dashboard with save/sharing capabilities;
  • High flexibility in the design process now expanded to include individual placement of cable exits and laser labelling directly in the Configurator, meaning no more annoying adhesive labels to stick on;
  • Direct 3D download option for the interface’s data packet.
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The Han® Configurator lets users custom design cable entries on connector housings.


Han® Rear-Fit: Quick installation of interfaces inside the switch cabinet

Han® industrial connectors are particularly suitable for environments that require the simplest possible installation yet place high demands on component robustness. Until now, installing control cabinet interfaces first required cables to be routed through a cutout in the outer panel. Assembling the inserts then took place outside the control cabinet.

This is different with the new Han® solutions: the prefabricated inserts can be snapped directly into the bulkhead housing from inside the control cabinet. This results in time and cost advantages.

The contact inserts are mounted in a plastic mounting frame that snaps securely into the rear-fit mounted housing made of aluminum and, if necessary, the frame is just as easy to disassemble. The attachment of the PE connection to the metal housing is structurally ensured. To achieve an IP65/66 degree of protection to and to protect against UV radiation and ozone emissions, a flange rubber seal runs the whole way inside the rear-fit mounted housing.

The rear-fit option makes the assembly of prefabricated units more efficient. Connections for control cabinets and machine modules can largely be pre-assembled separately. This results in cost advantages.

The new Han® rear-mount connectors are compatible with previous connector generations. All contact inserts and modules from the Han® line can be used without restriction in the new rear-fit mounted housings.

Han® rear-mount connectors


Han® 1A: Versatile lightweight

The Han® 1A is smaller than all previous Han® solutions. In comparison to the Han® 3A – the smallest rectangular connector portfolio yet – the space requirement is reduced by about one third.

The modular design of the Han® 1A offers maximum flexibility for the respective application. Solutions for a wide variety of tasks can be developed from just a small number of elements. Power ratings up to 16 A / 400 V, signals with up to 12 contacts per insert, and data at a rate of 10 Gbps (Cat. 6A) can all be transmitted.

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The new connector series offers the right solution. Users can thus decide between a classic metal clamp lock and a latched lock already integrated into the housing. There are also two options with regard to the connection technology: screw and crimp connection.

In addition, flexibility is enhanced by a wide range of useful accessories. Using e.g. cable glands or single-wire seals, within seconds the Han® 1A system can be transformed from an IP20 solution into an IP65 connector for harsh industrial environments.

Overview of the Han® 1A:

  • Low overall weight: Thanks to plastic elements, the Han® 1A has a low overall weight, especially compared to metallic connectors.
  • Versatility: “Custom” solutions for a variety of applications due to the modular concept. Han® 1A offers inserts for the transmission of data, signal and power, as well as a wide range of accessories.
  • Time savings: The simple “Mate & Click” design of all individual components allows the connector to be assembled in just a few seconds.
  • Space-saving: Han® 1A components conform to the trend towards miniaturisation. At the same time, they enable the construction of robust Han® connectors – even for harsh industrial environments.
  • Cost savings: The modular system consists of a small number of individual components. Virtually an unlimited number of solutions can be created from just a few different parts, which leads to a reduction of storage costs.
  • Data transmission up to Cat. 6A: The Han® 1A is extremely versatile. In addition to power and signal transmission, it also enables high-speed data transmission.
  • IP-protected, if necessary: An IP65 solution can be easily achieved by using housing elements or single-wire seals.
Han® 1A offers maximum flexibility for the respective application


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