New Diodes that can Enhance Performance of AC/DC Drives


  • This device can provide safety in applications which involves high current consumption-based devices
  • It features easy mounting capablities which can decrease the mounting time during rapid prototyping

Solenoid switches and contactors are essential elements in the control system of machines deployed in industrial applications. These machines generally work on high current loads and require load switching capablities of up to 600 Amperes.

The present method uses load switching components in a parallel circuit. This is due to the unavailability of switching components with higher current capacities. Infineon Technologies has recently introduced a new thyristor/diode-based product in their ‘Prime Block’ category. This product, as told by the company, offers a maximum current switching of up to 600 Amperes in a 60 mm dimensional footprint.

The product has been launched in two different models.  These are differentiated based on footprint sizes.

50 mm module that uses solder bond technology


The company informed that it has used 100 per cent X-ray monitoring technique used while fabricating the device. The device features a small footprint of 50 mm and offers a current capacity of up to 390 Amperes.

It is said to be using solder bond technology which is a cost-effective technique to join dissimilar elements in a component. The product also features a thick baseplate for mounting applications.

60 mm module based on pressure contact technology

The company claims that this module provides high power density in a compact size factor of 60 mm. A pressure contact technique allows joining two dissimilar elements in the same component. This can help in the prevention of ‘short on fail ‘ conditions.

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The product is said to withstand currents of up to 600 Amperes. This ability can help in avoiding component parallelism. Additionally, this device, as per the company, can provide best-in-class DC blocking capablities to a control system.

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