Capacitors which can Replace Battery in Portable Devices


  • Supercapacitors are becoming a new alternative to batteries due to factors such as small size and high power density.
  • This product can be a good solution for UAV’s, medical and automotive industry

The rapid growth in e-commerce is increasing the need for automation in the conventional delivery systems. Unmanned Vehicles (UAV) have been introduced to provide a pace in the current delivery system.

UAV ensures a fast delivery but has some limitations in terms of flight time and take-off weight. The weight and capacity of the battery used in the vehicle is the major reason for the limitations. This has increased the need for a better alternative to battery-based systems.

Skeleton Technologies has introduced a new graphene-based supercapacitor which they claim, is an ideal solution for replacing batteries. The company says that their device offers an advantage in performance, reliability and durability over conventional battery systems.

Skellcap capacitor cells
Skellcap capacitor cells

Features high power density and low heat generation.

The company informed that the capacitor is available with a capacity size of 300 Farad. Due to the low internal resistance of the device, it features a high power density and low heat generation.

Due to its patented manufacturing technology, the company claims that the device is highly durable. The product also features an integrated power management system which protects the capacitor from overcharging.

Other sectors which can utilise this technology

The product is claimed to be an IATF certified product which makes it suitable for use in the automotive industry. This device can be used in applications related to medical devices and the oil and gas industries.

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