Switching IC that Can Help Increase Reliablity of Traction Motors


  • A traction motor forms an integral part of electric and hybrid vehicles
  • This IC incorporates a digital signal processing system that results in vibration robustness
  • As per Market and Markets research, electric vehicles market is forecast to be worth USD 3.51 Billion by 2021

The need to enhance the features of electric vehicles has become an utmost priority for automotive manufacturers. The main areas of improvement include battery management systems, and motor control units.

Allegro Microsystems has introduced a new single IC solution which features a dual output speed and direction sensor. This IC, as per the company, can help in sensing the position of rotational gear attached to the traction motor. The sensed data can be used to set the torque to speed ratio of the vehicle.

Offers consistent performance over a wide temperature range


This gear tooth sensor IC, as per AMS, is designed to sense rotational motion of the motor. This IC can sense the speed of up to 30,000 RPM. It can facilitate switching frequencies of up to 40 kHz to the control unit. The company informed that this IC can be operated in temperatures ranging from -40° C to +160° C.

It features an optional fault detection protocol which can be configured through a serial programming interface. Equipped with an on-board EEPROM, this IC can store configuration data and can help in performance compensations.

Uses patented magnetic package technology

AMS offers this IC in a four-pin system inline package(SIP). It is integrated with a magnet to optimise performance over factors like air gaps and temperature. This compact package system helps in providing reliability to traction motors despite the constraints in size of the motors.

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The company offers this IC with pre-programmed algorithms based on the signal processing system. These algorithms help in suppressing undesired output vibrations during the starting and running modes.

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