New Product based on Bidirectional USB-C switches promotes Green Devices.


  • The charging port technologies have evolved in the past decade with increased output power and features like fast charging and turbocharging.
  • The component is designed to enhance dual role USB-C ports which simplify host and client design.

Diode Technologies have announced a new product which is a dual-role BC1.2-compliance charging-type detector. The main feature for the device is its compactness and programmable capability. It has a compact size of 2mm x 2mm and it can be programmed to operate in host mode or client mode through I2C Communication.


RoHS compliant and Lead-free device promoting Green energy

The IC comes in a 12 pin contact and supports a wide range of power supply ranging between 2.7 Volts to 5.5 Volts. It supports variable current output ranging from 1 Ampere to 2.4 Ampere. The operating industrial temperature range is between -40 degree Celcius to 85 degrees Celcius. The component supports a frequency range of 2 GHz. The company claims the device to be Lead-free and based on RoHS standards.


Current consumption less than 1 uA in shutdown mode

The component supports 3 host modes and a plug-in and unplug detection in SDP/CDP modes. It can be used as a differential bidirectional USB Switch and it provides a 1MHz I2C interface for communication. There are 4 different selectable slave addresses for the 4 output channels with a dedicated USB switch Pass-through Feature. The device supports low energy devices and features the least current consumption( below 1 uA)  in Shutdown mode.

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