RF based Transceivers Promises Low-Cost Wireless Systems


  • The design can be a solution to automotive applications and home automation.
  • The 315Mhz based RF module provides 10 pin security code for data encryption.

Wireless technology has changed the way we connect to the world. Offering constant access to the network without the fuss of thick cables and heavy set up, wireless is the most trending technology these days. The technology has been introduced and implemented in all the prominent sectors including automation, communications as well as consumer electronics.
The design is based on the implementation of a 315 Mhz transceiver pair which can provide wireless connectivity to any device working on Digital output( 1 or 0). The design can be implemented in areas related to home automation and automotive applications providing end to end protection towards data losses.

Low working voltage and current ratings

The designed board have an operating range of 3 Volts consuming a continuous current less than 3 milliamperes. The transmitter and receiver side has an inbuilt CR2032 and AAA battery connectors for providing size compactness and portability to the designed circuits. The designed pair have onboard SMA connectors to connect the desirable antenna according to the gain required for communication.


10 key security and data encryption


There are many devices which use 433 Mhz bands for wireless communication. This increases the chances of interference between devices working on the same frequency bands. The design provides 10-bit encryption to enhance data security. This encryption is based on 10 pull up switches which can be physically changed in the boards. For successful communication, the encryption on both ends should be the same. The design also features an interactive peripheral interface including LED indicators, and 4 push/pull buttons for data transfer.

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The design provides some important functions such as

  • Rapid Evaluation: The design board allows the performance of the Linx KH3 Series modules to be evaluated quickly in a user’s environment.
  • Range Testing: Using the onboard encoders and decoders to generate a simplex transmission, a pair of design boards can be used to evaluate the range performance of the modules.
  • Design Benchmark: The boards provide a known benchmark against which the performance of a custom design may be judged.
  • Application Development: An onboard prototyping area allows for the development of applications directly on the design board. All signal lines are available on a header for easy access.

The design has been released and developed by Linx Technologies and the design includes all the necessary documents for open-source prototyping of the circuit. All the technical documents can be downloaded here.




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