Reference Design For an Arduino Compatible Gas Detector


  • The design is compatible with the Arduino Platform.
  • It Claims to provide an accuracy of 99 per cent.

The reference design deals with the design and development of a single supply, low voltage portable gas detector which is based on the use of an electrochemical sensor with an efficient amplifier.

Electrochemical sensors offer several advantages for instruments that detect or measure the concentration of many toxic gases. Most sensors are gas specific and have usable
resolutions under one part per million (ppm) of gas concentration.

Working of an Electrochemical sensor
Working of an Electrochemical sensor

In electrochemical sensors, the target gas interacts with an electrolyte causing electrochemical reactions which produce a current. This current is dependent upon the concentration of the target gas (by either a linear or logarithmic relationship) and can be measured and amplified using a low pass amplifier giving the desired output.


The design of a gas detector generally depends upon an electrochemical sensor combined with a Low-pass high Gain amplifier which processes the input provided by the sensor and enhances the Voltage value to Controller readable Value. Once the controller reads the value, it displays the received and processed data through any display device or sends the data over a network through any communication protocol.

The features provided by this design are –

  • The design operates in a Voltage Range of 3.3 Volts to 5 Volts and a current consumption around 300 milliamperes.
  • The design includes a dual auto-zero amplifier, which has a maximum offset voltage of 2.5 µV at room temperature and an industry-leading 5.6 µV/Hz voltage noise density.
  • The design uses a programmable rheostat which can be adjusted according to the output precision of the device in place of a fixed trans-impedance resistor. This helps in the rapid prototyping of the designed device.
  • The design features a low cost, high precision voltage reference provider which provides an accuracy error of 0.1%.
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These features help in the integration of the sensor with Combatible boards such as Arduino and Node MCU which can provide wireless communication protocols and enhance the portable devices.

This design can be implemented in many applications such as Smoke Detection, Fire detection, Bomb Detectors etc.

The reference design is provided by Analog Devices and all the files can be downloaded here.




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