Reference Design for Low Cost Wireless Audio Solution



The Reference Design is based on developing a low-cost wireless audio solution with Bluetooth 4.0.

The integrated device
The integrated device

The design can be implemented in applications like small Bluetooth speakers, audio transmitter and On-board audio recorders. The design is based on integrating a good battery source, analogue to digital converter and a Bluetooth Module combined with a microcontroller to develop a small scale system for audio processing and communication.

As it is an audio sink device, it acts as a receptor of voice signals which are then processed by the microcontroller. In this way, the device can be developed as a pair of transceivers for audio communications.

There are certain parameters which should be primary elements while the design of such system such as –

  • The device to be made should be compact.
  • The microcontroller and embedded components should work in low power consumption.
  • The battery attached with the system should be compact and should be able to run the device for a longer run.
  • The type of wireless protocol to be used such as Bluetooth, Zigbee or Wifi focusing on low power consumption.
  • The working frequency for the device and its synchronisation with other Bluetooth based devices.

The reference design offers a variety of features such as –

  • It Enables Bluetooth audio encoding and decoding with low cost, low power encoding IC.
  • It is designed to store audio processing from MCU to the Bluetooth device which enables low power audio protocols.
  • The microcontroller core is embedded with Bluetooth 4.0 with an output power of 12 dBm.
  • The design also contains a low power digital input speaker amplifier (TAS2505) & USB charge management device ( BQ24055) which provides an efficient method for battery charging and storage cycles.
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This reference design is a cost-effective audio implementation and full design files. Software supported on this reference design includes Stonestreet One Bluetopia Bluetooth stack. All the documents can be downloaded here. 



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