5 Softwares which Work as a Swiss Army Knife for Electronics Designers


  • Electronics is a branch which is the need of the hour for every other domain if they want to flourish their technologies and do some innovative work.
  • Often Design Engineers from other domains find it difficult to design systems related to electronic systems.

The article will give you 5 powerful solutions that work like a swiss army knife for all the engineers who are trying to develop PCBs, electronics circuits or simulations.


This solution is emerging as a simple hardware designing solution available in the market. This is a web-based application focusing on the interfacing and coding part for the open-source platform microcontroller ‘Arduino’ which covers a prominent part of the microcontroller industry.
The interface is very user-friendly and it concludes the circuit in just 3 steps. The user just has to drag and drop the sensors and components in the working area. It will automatically connect the sensors and other components to the Arduino and also create a hybrid code for your circuit. In the final step, it will give you the bill of materials and you can order them right away.
Electronics at its easiest form!!. Here is the link for the tool.


KiCad EDA is a powerful cross-platform tool for Electronics design automation and works as a very handy tool for PCB designing. It supports various platforms such as Windows, OSX and Linux.
The tool helps us in designing printed circuited boards along with the schematic diagram which helps to finalise the components to be used in the fabrication of the circuit. This tool has got a very innovative platform called 3d viewer where you can see how your hardware will look like upon fabrication. As the tool is an app-based application, you don’t have to download bulky software and compromise with your PC’s performance.

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Here is the link for the tool.



Fritzing is an interactive and advanced piece of software designed to offer designers, engineers or artists with a good means of taking their ideas and projects to the stage of a working prototype. The tool is meant to work as a teaching instrument, enabling users to learn how to make and work with Printer Circuit Boards (or PCB), and other electronics. It works for Windows, OSX, and Linux.
There are 3 domains in which it generally works. As the user is creating the schematic of the circuit or project, the virtual diagram of the circuit and PCB are being made on the other cascaded windows automatically and the user does not have to worry about long processes. This software also provides an interactive GUI for programming the Arduino based boards hence making it an overall complete development platform.

Here is the link for the tool:

Easy EDA

Easy EDA is a powerful cross-platform tool for Electronics design automation and currently, a must used tool for PCB designing. It supports various platforms such as Windows, OSX and Linux. It is a cloud-based tool that provides access to edit any design to all the members who are connected to the group. It supports features like Footprint manager, AutoRouter, 3d viewer and Schematic Capture.
The new feature it brings to the designers is the ability to directly provide an option to order your designed PCB and all the components directly from JLCPCB, LCSC and Easy EDA itself. It is a full package of PCB designing to manufacturing.

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Here is the link for the tool :


SimulIDE is a circuit simulator software that provides you a platform to test your circuits before prototyping. It is a realtime electronics circuit simulator that includes PIC, AVR and Arduino simulations which are the three categories in the microcontroller market.
It is one of the open-source software in this segment with a very easy to use GUI that helps designers creatively making simulations. It includes almost all the components and footprints of components to be used in maximum devices.

Here is the link for the tool :

Some more handy tools which help in designing electronics are –



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