The New Companion For Industrial SSD Flash Memories



The new design offers a 32-bit processor with FLASH XE.

Hyperstone ssd controller
Hyperstone SSD controller

Hyperstone, an embedded solution company based in Germany, recently launched X1 which is an integrated controller compatible with 32 bit micro SSD Drives designed for Flash Memory Handling.

It is a SATA III SSD controller and is available with firmware and reference designs for industrial and embedded storage. It runs on a dual-core processor with security features including SRAM ECC, end-to-end data path protection, wear levelling, read-disturb management, data refresh, power-fail control, protection against radiation, protection against soft errors and a low-alpha package.


The Product Manager for Hyperstone Sandro-Diego Wölfle briefed about the product saying, “Even the most reliable components, if used 24 hours, 365 days and for 10 years, might have to be serviced at some point. We provide health-monitoring tools and data exceeding the standard S.M.A.R.T. scope for predictive maintenance as well as for qualification and life-time estimation before deploying storage media to the field.”

The operating temperature for the working device ranges from -40°C to +85°C, with a claim for 105 degrees to be the upper limit. Sleep Power consumption can be as low as 3mW on Deep sleep algorithms.

Some of the key features of the controller are :

  • It runs on 32-Bit dual-core microprocessor with the optimized instruction set and additional hardware accelerators for flash memory handling.
  • It has a Customized hyMap Flash Translation Layer (FTL) which enables write performance, minimal write amplification and consequently the highest endurance without external Dynamic RAM (DRAM).
  • It is equipped with Flash XE which has an advanced ECC algorithm and soft-decoding capability.
  • It has features like read-retry, RAID and data recovery features to ensure the lowest possible read error rates and maximum endurance.
  • It has a continuously updated flash memory support.
  • It has advanced protection against radiation and soft-errors including end-to-end datapath protection, SRAM ECC and low-alpha package.
  • It has an advanced security and encryption feature.
  • The software comes with essential components such as firmware, manufacturing kit, test and development hardware, reference schematics, and health monitoring tools.
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It can prove to be a crucial component in the IOT industry due to the growing demands of On-board storage platform on processors and controllers.

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