New Charging Solutions For Electric Vehicles


  • Company Claims to generate 1.5 kWh charge per day while the vehicle is parked.
  • Company is inviting OEM’s to collaborate and develop new technologies for solar charging.
Retrofit your own solar panel canopy

The advent of electric Vehicle has called for an improvement in overall energy usage and generation. They have shown how important it is to find alternate sources of fuel and they can positively affect the environment and society as a whole. One of the primary reasons for the introduction of the electric vehicle into the market is the concern over greenhouse gas emissions and their contribution to global warming.

Decreased air pollution due to the elimination of the exhaust pipe in electric cars promotes sustainable mobility. This in turn greatly reduces the negative impact of transportation needs on the atmosphere.

Motosola has launched a new product to increase the benefits of electric vehicle systems. The company is working in the field of providing Solar based Solutions to the current electric vehicles. The designed product is suitable for electric bikes and scooter working in a range of 45-55 kmph.


The product is based on providing a canopy based solar panel system which can help in charging of vehicle batteries while the vehicles are parked during the day. The design is quite sturdy and adjustable.

Some of the features as stated by the company are –

  • The total power generated is 1.5 kWh and it comes in two variants of 100 watts and 150 watts.
  • The solar panels have a multilayer design which increases the compactness of the panel without compromising with the output power.
  • The design is based on an automatic heat and an ambient light-based sensor which helps it to automatically turn on and start charging.
  • The products ensure security and portability. It comes with features like integrated ventilation, shade canopies and low-cost locks.
  • The existing designs can use it through retrofitting and it can be integrated with the new products.
  • It decreases the cost of lithium-ion battery replacement as it provides adaptive charging for the batteries. As the lithium-ion or polymer battery gets damaged below a certain voltage, The self-charging system provides reliability to the batteries.
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The company claims that the solar charging system ran their vehicle for almost 3 months in a single charge during their prototype test in Shenzen. The company also released a press note saying :

We want to provide an exciting inventive low-cost and friendly solution to promote the EV industry and fight global warming in the places that need it most. Motosola offers three zeros: zero carbon footprint, zero $ per km; zero $ tax and we can easily attract government subsidies. In terms of carbon emissions commuting with Motosola is equivalent to sailing and produces less CO2 than jogging!

The product has a wide audience who are manufacturing as well as utilising electric vehicles for their day-to-day life. This includes Fleet administrators, Professional drivers, working individuals as well as home-Delivery based agencies. This increases the need for the product all around the world tending people to think about the surroundings and environment.



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