Guidelines For Increasing Security in IoT based Platforms




  • Security is a major threat for every technology being imbibed with our well being.
  • New Guidelines have been provided by IoT Policy Platform for increasing securities in IoT devices.
The internet of things
The internet of things

Internet-connected devices are everywhere—from our fitness trackers to our vehicles and appliances. But, as much as IoT has changed our personal lives, it has a much further reaching effect on industries such as manufacturing, energy production, agriculture, mining, and construction. With the introduction of IoT in all these sectors, Security by Design is an urgent need of the industry.

Security by design is an approach to software and hardware development where security is built in from the beginning, and not as a late addition after a hacking incident. The need for security by design has become crucial as tech companies have increased the production of IoT objects for consumers and enterprises. The devices are connected to the Internet and are vulnerable to remote hacking. Most of these objects were designed with no security built into their system, making them easy targets for security breaches.

For the same concern, IoT Policy Platforms have adopted some practices such as –

  • Security by design is an important factor for IoT security. Internet of Things design should start with security in the initial design process.
  • To avoid security breaches, IoT manufacturers should employ different approaches to protect the device from being accessed by anyone through the Internet using data minimization.
  • IoT manufacturers should provide consumers with a notice about how their data is used and shared, and then offer tools that will allow consumers to turn off certain types of information collection and sharing.
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As some of the companies have started adopting security services, there are some vital practises which have been directed by the organisation to enhance security in the devices such as –

  • Implement a vulnerability disclosure policy.
  • Make the minimum length of time for which a device will receive software security updates clear to consumers.
  • Provide mechanisms to securely update software.
  • Build devices with unique passwords or credentials.
  • Protect the communication of security-sensitive data.
  • Securely store credentials and security-sensitive data.

Security is an important factor for any designed system and should be designed with the given guidelines for a better-embedded ecosystem.




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