5 Radio Systems for Robotics and Drone Applications



This guide will help you in choosing a reliable and budget radio for your hobby. 

The article is based on different radio systems which are available in the market. The radio systems are an integral part of any wireless system. The radio system consists of a transmitter and receiver which helps in data communication between the sender and the receiver.

Robotics and Drone application generally works on 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz which are Industrial, scientific, and medical radio band (ISM band). This provides less interference and better capacities to the communication systems.

Some of the Key Parameters when selecting a Radio System :

  • No. Of Channels Available for transmission.
  • Operating Voltage of the transmitter and receiver.
  • Size of Reciever according to the application.
  • Failsafe Methods and other features.
  • Channel Mixing and calibrating methods.
  • Received signal out mode – PPM, PWM or Sbus.

The article will discuss 5 different companies who are in the field of Radio designs and offers a variety of products.


FrSky Electronic Co. Ltd. is a China-based company providing solutions in Radios and telemetry systems for drones and robotics applications. The company is focused on the R&D, production and sales of the electronic products and embedded software in the areas of remote control systems and intelligent control systems. The main product lines include transmitters, receivers, modules, flight controllers, sensors and related embedded software, which are widely used in various areas of telecommunication, RC model, commerce, industry, agriculture, etc. The radios come with a unique feature of ACCST and ACCESS communication protocols which are been designed and patented by FrSky.
Some of the popular models from FrSky are –

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FLYSKY Model Ltd. is a China-based company. The company works on the research and development of industry-leading products in terms of ergonomics, hardware and software design. The company designs different radio systems according to the different needs of application like Drones, Robots and Remote Control Vehicles.
Some of the popular models from FlySky are –


Turnigy Corporation is a Hong-Kong based company. The company works on the research and development of a wide variety of electronic components such as Radio Systems, Motors and controllers, Lithium batteries and all other accessories. Turnigy provides a one-stop solution to hobby enthusiasts to explore all the necessary Components in one place.
Some of the popular models from Turnigy are –


Futaba Corporations is a USA based company working in the field of research and development of vacuum tubes, Radio controls and mould based components. They are one of the early manufacturers of radio Control systems and provided communication in various frequencies such as 27Mhz, 433 Mhz and 2.4 GHz.
Some of the popular models from Turnigy are –


Radiolink Electronics Limited is an electronics product development company based in China. The company deals with the design and development of electronic components like Radio Systems and flight control systems for drones, boats and RC vehicles. The radio link is equipped with FHSS(Frequency-hopping spread Spectrum ) to reduce interference in 2.5Ghz systems.
Some of the popular models for Radiolink are –

Thumbnail-sized IMU for Smart farming and Drones

These are some of the companies in the manufacturing of Radio systems which provides quality transmission systems and is being adapted by flyers and robotic enthusiasts all around the world.



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