5 Brushed Planetary Motors for Robotics applications



A robot is an actuated mechanism programmable in two or more axes with a degree of autonomy, moving within its environment, to perform intended tasks.

Autonomy means the ability to perform intended tasks based on current state and sensing, without human intervention.

Humanoid robots were the only thing which was in concern whenever the term ‘Robot’ was discussed. With the increase in areas of robotic applications, people are now able to differentiate between humanoid and Robots.


‘ Any machine with a mobility system, a programmed instruction and an ability to ease human needs is a Robot .’

geared planetary mortors
geared planetary motors

The planetary geared motors are always well known for its low backlash and higher efficiency characteristic to meet the higher expectation. The article discusses 5 Brushed Motors using planetary gearboxes which can be used in the robotic application areas requiring high torque and small size motors.

Orange Planetary Motors

Orange planetary motors provide optimum torque and rpm in the geared motors category. The gearbox ranges from providing a continuous torque of 5.5 N-cm to 240N-cm according to the rpm requirement of the application. The rpm of the motor ranges from 10 rpm to 1100 rpm. The geared motors come with an operating voltage of 12 Volts and support base motors like RS-395, RS-555, RS-550 and RS-775. Motor encoders can be added with these motors for application which require precise revolutions.

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Cytron Planetary Motors

Cytron is a Malaysian company which works in the design and development of robotics components. The geared motor features a motor encoder which can be controlled through Arduino for precise movements. The total power output for the motor is 43 Watt and the operating voltage is 12 Volts. It comes with a wide torque range from 0.5 N-m to 2 N.m. The rpm for the motor ranges from 10 rpm to 300 rpm depending on the application and can be configured by changing gearbox ratios.

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Rhino Planetary motors

The Rhino planetary motors are made for industrial applications requiring higher precision in motors. The motor often works as a replacement of servo motors for applications requiring high torque values. The base motor is RS-395 and provides an optimum rpm for the 5-stage gearbox. The working voltage for the motor is 12 volts. The torque ranges from 3 kg-cm to 140 kg-cm and the rpm ranges from 10 rpm to 800 rpm.

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VEX Planetary Motors

Vex Robotics is a USA based company which works on providing reliable robotics components and solutions. The Vex planetary motor has to be assembled according to the need of rpm and torque required by a specific application. The base motors is an RS-775 motor redesigned with a wattage of 250 watts and 18000+ rpm. The double bearing supported motor provides reliability and protection during applications requiring high torque. The Vex Versa gearbox is combined with the based motor for a complete solution. The gearbox ranges from providing a torque of 1kg-cm to 200 kg-cm. The output rpm ranges from 180 rpm to 6000 rpm.

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5202 Series Planetary Motors

These motors are designed by goBilda Robotics and offer easy encoder support for precise applications. The yellow jacket series focuses on providing huge torque in small designs of the motors. The operating voltage for the motor is 12 volts and offers a torque range of 5.4 kg-cm to 250 kg-cm. The rpm ranges from 30 rpm to 1620 rpm with a decreasing torque.

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All these are affordable motors which can be used in robotics applications requiring a precise and efficient motor. The motors can also be used in industrial and defence applications.





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