Reference design For Development of Health Monitoring Sensor


  • Embedded devices played an important role in development in healthcare firms.
  • Integration of Sensors helped in the detection of many health-related problems.

In medicine and biotechnology, sensors are tools that detect specific biological, chemical, or physical processes and then transmit or report this data. Some sensors work outside the body while others are designed to be implanted within the body.

ealth monitoring parameters
Health monitoring parameters

Sensors play an important role in terms of health monitoring as well as drug delivery systems which helps in target-specific drug deliveries inside the body.

The reference design is based on a Smart sensor capable of monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels in a human body. The sensor can read both the parameters through your fingers. The design comes with an integrated software which helps is digital signal processing of the measured data and provide the output. The design is provided by Maxim Integrated systems and is based on their product MAX30101 and the MAX32664.


The design covers the integration of a pulse oximeter and heart rate sensor with a digital processing system which can be connected to any cloud-based platform for data storage. The compactness of the sensor is very important to increase its application areas. As portable electronics generally works on a limited power supply, low power consumption is a need for the device development to increase the reliability of the system.

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Some of the features of the Designed Circuit are –

  • The circuit is designed in a very compact size to increase its integrability for the use in portable sensing devices and smart wearable devices.
  • Its uses a single integrated sensor for heart rate monitoring and calculation of blood oxygen saturation levels.
  • The power consumption for the designed circuit is less than 20 milli-amperes.
  • The designed circuit comes with a configurable firmware and software tools for the processing of data collected by the sensor.
  • The design is integrated with a 3 axis accelerometer which helps in the development of wearable devices for purposes like fall detection and Gps guided route maps.
Reference design of Smart Charger for Energy Harvesting applications

With the integration of this design, one of the applications which can be implemented is a wireless mesh-based network to monitor the health of hundreds of people in a hospital. This will increase the level of detection of health-related problems as compared to conventional health monitoring methods. It will also help doctors to have real-time monitoring of the patients.

The other application can be the in smart wearables due to its low size and easy integrations. it can be integrated with any of the communication protocols such as WiFi Bluetooth or GSM and help in data monitoring and storing over Cloud.

Note: A valid Account in Maxim Integrated website is needed to download all the documents.

The reference designs contain all the essential resources such as Design Files, Schematics and Bill Of Material. These can be downloaded here.

All the firmware and tools can be downloaded here.




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