Reference design for Smart Beacon Kit


  • Reference Design for a Compact and low energy Bluetooth based beacon Device.
  • This design can be utilised by design engineers who seek a compact BLE based device for data-collecting sensors and nodes.
nRF Beacon Kit
nRF Beacon Kit

The Smart Beacon design was built to provide a compact and cost-effective solution to the growing IoT industry. The design is based on Smart Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology which converts the device into an energy-efficient beacon module. The main feature for the design is its tiny size of 20mm diameter and an Integrated System On Chip (SOC) implementation. The design also features the ability to run for more than 12000 hours on a single 3.7 Volts Chromium cell.

About the Device :

Nordic Semiconductors released the Smart Beacon Kit in 2018. The nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart Beacon Kit consists of hardware, firmware and apps for both iOS and Android on Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphones.

Some of the features of the design are –


  • The design focus on a very compact size which increases the application for the device. This device can be used as small trans-receivers as well as easily deployable Bluetooth based information reflectors.
  • It provides the option for firmware upgrade in OTA(Over the Air ) Mode. The main advantage of this technique comes when the device quantity is large. At that instance, it is difficult to upgrade every device separately. With the help of OTA, the devices can be connected to a common network over Bluetooth and can be programmed wirelessly.
  • The design includes 10 input-output ports to interface sensors and peripherals to the existing board. This helps in creating interrupt-based running modes to increase the battery lifetime of the device.
  • There are two sleep modes on the designed hardware, System ON sleep mode and System OFF sleep mode. In System ON sleep mode, the CPU will wake up on any event. In System OFF sleep mode, the CPU can only wake up on any trigger generated externally to the gpio pins provided in the board.
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The reference design includes all the essential files like schematics, BOM, sample programs and PCB designs. all the files are free to download from Nordic Semiconductors Page.

All the design-related files can be found here.

All these features are essential for any Bluetooth based low energy devices as these devices are made to work over years without maintenance and provide data over a communication network. The device supports both the Android as well as IOS platform for application development.



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