Indoor Reference Design for Smart Buildings and Homes


  • The Reference Design is based on the indoor gateway solution for ISM bands in the USA and Europe.
  • It claims to reduce power consumption up to 10 times than the present consumption.

The Corecell reference design is based on the design and development of a Longe Range (LoRa) gateway. It focuses on improving capacity, reducing power consumption and making it cost-effective.

The LoRa gateway design focuses on the transmitter and receiver side and provides all the necessary performance parameters for an efficient circuit.

LoRa WAN network

Design Considerations :

The transmitter

The transmitting side is designed to reduce the effect of impedance mismatch caused by active and passive components in the circuit. A 10db attenuator is used to protect the output power amplifier from reflected power produced by the High Pass Filter.


Some of the key characteristics of the transmitter design –

  • The temperature range varies from -40 degree Celcius to +85 degree Celcius with 25-degree Celcius set to be ambient temperature.
  • The maximum spectral density generated by the designed circuit is +7.2 dBm which well under FCC standard regulations. (+8dBm) .
  • The spurious emission is +1 dB which comes under FCC standard regulations (20 dB) for the frequency of 1 GHz.

The Receiver

The receiving side is designed to reduce the effect of impedance mismatch and quasi constant losses over a wide range of frequencies.

Some of the key factors to be considered while designing the receiver are –

  • The sensitivity level and PER factor is the minimum RF input power needed to demodulate the received packet. The PER for 10% calculated for the design is 0 which means input power is 0 for PER above sensitivity levels.
  • The RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator. It is an estimated measure of power level that an RF client device is receiving from an access point or router. The RSSI calculated for the design is -22 dBm.
  • The SNR (Signal to Noise) ratio for the design is calculated to be 13 dB at a signal level of -100 dBm.
  • The design reduces interferences caused by mutual interferences produced by the power splitters as well as signal generators.
Power Supply For Intelligent Wall Plug

All these factors make the design to be adaptive to applications require LoRa gateways such as smart home and building automation and wireless sensor network (WSN).

The reference design includes all the details including datasheets, BOM, schematics and PCB files. It is provided by Semtech Semiconductors for free.

Click Here for all the files related to Schematics and Datasheets.

About The Product

The LoRa Corecell gateway reference design is a complete indoor gateway turnkey solution reference design provided for US and EU ISM bands. The reference design is based on SX1302 and SX1250 and dedicated to indoor applications. The LoRa Corecell reference design’s key features, including low power, smaller package and higher integration with improved performance, aims to eliminate design complexity and accelerate time-to-market in the smart home and building industries.



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