Reference Design for Industrial IoT Gateway With Cloud Support




Texas Instruments (TI) released the reference design of ‘The Sub-1 GHz Sensor to Cloud Industrial IoT Gateway ‘ which is a Linux Based system providing end-to-end sensors to cloud communication through Internet Of Things(IoT).

Industrial Iot at a glance
Industrial Iot at a glance

The Sub-1 GHz Sensor to Cloud Industrial IoT Gateway reference design demonstrates how to connect sensors to the cloud over a long-range Sub-1 GHz wireless network. The Sub-1 GHz wireless network is suitable for industrial settings such as building control and asset tracking. It is powered by a TI Sitara™ AM335x processor and the SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC1310/CC1350 devices.


The main objective of this reference design is to provide a hardware solution for the large network to cloud connectivity enabling long-range up to to 1 km line of sight (LOS) without compromising with the power efficiency of existing IoT gateways. The designed gateway supports AWS cloud services which are an existing IoT based solution.

The Features of this gateway designs are –

  • It supports IEEE 802.15.4e/g standard protocol combined with the TI 15.4-stack Software development Kit.
  • The reference design is based on proven hardware designs enabling a scalable market and is integrated with user-friendly software.
  • The SDK used in the designed hardware is TI Processor SDK for Linux which provides scalability across multiple Sitara processors such as AM437x and AM57x.
  • It can connect with multiple networks and display data rapidly over multiple channels through UART communication.
  • The gateway has an ability for bi-directional data exchange. it can send data from the sensor to cloud for displaying sensor information as well as sending actuation messages to control the network from the cloud-based web application.
  • It implements a scalable cloud-based web application using primary design languages such as Angular J and Node JS.
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The reference design contains all the information’s regarding Schematics, PCB and Bill of Materials along with Linux based development platform for Virtual Mapping.

For Schematics and design, Files Follow This Link.

For Design Guide, Follow this Link.



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