Reference design for Flight Management Unit with 2.4 GHz Radio telemetry.




It supports headless mode for the aircraft which helps in omnidirectional flying.

Drone kit with Radio
Drone kit with Radio

Nuvoton Technology Corporation, A Taiwan based embedded Company released the reference designs for their product Nuvoton AHRS. This product is specifically made to be used in Multirotors and other Unmanned Systems which need an integrated Radio Control system along with the Flight Controller.


The reference design includes all the information regarding Schematics, PCB design, software and tools required to build the control system.

The Nuvotron AHRS Core is powered with Cortex® -M4 microcontroller which supports high-speed ESC (400Hz) and is equipped with a 10-axis sensor algorithm system which allows real-time control of flight dynamics with zero delays.

Some of the features of the Flight controller are –

  • This package includes a control board and a 6 channel 2.4G radio transmission remote control board. Integrating the radio receiver with the control board minimises data loss and size requirements.
  • The control board is equipped with an MPU6500 IC which is a 3 in 1 unit for 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope and a digital motion processor(DMP).
  • The 2.4Ghz radio transmitter supports FHSS(Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technique which helps the transmitter to hop from one frequency band to other frequency bands. It protects the transmitted data from interference and resonation.
  • The controller support Failsafe System (automatic landing when Rx signal lost ), fixed attitude hovering system (with a barometric pressure sensor), and a headless mode (with an electronic compass) which helps in flying the aircraft manually or in autonomous mode.

The flight controller is designed for Mini Category (above 250 grams and 250 mm size ) of drones which is expandable to more bigger categories according to the need of the flyer and modules to be integrated with the flight systems.

Embedded Computing Module Powered By Intel 8th Gen Core Processors

The reference design comes in 3 different zip files which contain design and user guides including schematics, PCB and development tools. Files can be downloaded here.



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