Reference Design for Development of Low-Cost ESC for Multirotors

Manas Upadhyay


Field of Control(FOC) mechanism provides a smooth, robust and energy-efficient environment for the development of Brushless ESC.

Field of control Based Esc
Field of Control based Esc

Infineon Technologies released reference designs for Electronic Speed Controllers(ESC) designed for Multirotors. It demonstrates the use of ‘Sensorless Field of Control’ as Speed Controller for multirotor application. The reference design provides all the schematics, bill of materials and tuning software for calibration of the ESC.

The controller design is equipped with 3-phase PWM signal generation and motor phase current sensing which helps in running the motors efficiently. It also has over-current & over-voltage protection which helps in increasing the working span of batteries and motors.


The system is based on DAVE (Digital Application Virtual Engineer ) which is a code and software development tool using C language. DAVE is a standalone system with automatic code generation modules and is suited to develop software drivers for Infineon microcontrollers and aids the developer with automatically created C-level templates and user-desired functionalities.

Some of the salient features of the ESC are –

  • It is designed with a configurable firmware which reduces codes size and decreases the execution time taken by the controller.
  • It provides a Sensorless Field of Control event at very low speeds such as 1000 rpm. As the motors generally run on Rpm per Volt values, it is difficult to maintain speeds at lower values.
  • It has a specific motor control PWM timer and a general-purpose timer which helps in serial communication.
  • The ESC is designed to be cost-effective and robust. It is equipped with an XMC On-chip ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)to reduce the BOM cost and to utilize the testing currents.
  • The processor is made for fast execution of Field of Control technique and is powered with XMC Cortex MO processor.
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The current design is built for Drones and Multirotor applications . They require compact size and efficient systems to increase the flight time and performance and this ESC design might be a good option as a solution.

For Design Manuals and Overview of the project click on this link.

To Download DAVE Tool, Click on this link.



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