Gateway Design for Industrial IoT Applications




NXP Semiconductors has released the reference design of LS1021A-IoT which is a product to provide solutions for IoT gateways.

The LS1021A-IoT gateway reference design is based on the QorIQ LS1021A processor. It is a design specific, small footprint hardware platform with a wide array of high-speed connectivity and low-speed serial interfaces to support secure delivery of IoT services for home, business, or other commercial location.


The main objective of this design is to combine the capabilities of a high-end processor with the scalable properties of a microcontroller providing seamless connectivity and synchronisation. The device works on the principle of LEDE.

LEDE is a highly extensible GNU/Linux based system created for embedded devices (typically wireless routers). LEDE is based on the OpenWRT project. Unlike many other distributions for routers, LEDE is built to be a full-featured, easily modifiable operating system for embedded devices.

The features of LS1021A-IoT gateway are :

  • It is a  BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy ) based device which assures an efficient power dissipation from the device.
  • It supports NFC which is a set of communication protocols that establishes wireless communication between two portable devices when they are near to each other (within 4 cm range). without any physical contact.
  • It supports WiFi and ZigBee protocols which are useful to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios providing end to end data communication.
  • It supports OTA (over the air) technology which helps in upgrading firmware through wireless communication without the use of any hardware connection with the target device. It is one of the essential features in IoT devices.
  • It supports 4G-LTE networks for cellular communications. It means a communication channel can set up over Sim cards which helps in the development of NB-IoT infrastructures.
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These are some features which make the device a good solution for IoT gateways.
The reference design includes all the details regarding schematics, PCB design, Bill of Materials(BOM) and supporting software.

Note:  As the documents provided are not open source, you need to have a valid NXP account to download all the details.

The Documents regarding PCB and schematics can be downloaded here.

Design Specifications and overview of the module can be found here.




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