Design for Flight Controllers in Autonomous Applications

Manas Upadhyay


It supports autonomous mode of flying with the aircraft using a wide range of sensors and design algorithms.

Pixhawk PX4 for autopilot developments
Pixhawk PX4 for autopilot developments

DroneCode Corporations, A Linux based development organisation released the reference designs for their product Pixhawk PX4 which is a suitable flight management unit for Drones and Multirotors. The reference design covers all the information about Schematics, PCB, Code and software simulation tools required to set up PX4 for a stable flight.

PX4 is an open-source flight control software for drones and other unmanned vehicles. The project provides a flexible set of tools for drone developers to share technologies to create solutions for drone applications. PX4 provides a standard to deliver drone hardware support and software stack.


Some of the salient features for the Flight Controller are –

  • Its supports a port-based architecture which makes it a flexible system for both hardware and software.
  • The flight controller is based on Arm Cortex M4 microcontroller which is a 32-bit microcontroller. It helps in integrating different type of modules and sensors without compromising with the performance as it runs on reconfigurable single code-based programming.
  • It supports many features like inbuilt SD card slot which helps in increasing the on-board memory size to store essential data required during autonomous flights.
  • It is equipped with a 3 axis accelerometer and a gyroscopic sensor which helps in maintaining the stability during the drone flights.
  • It has an inbuilt magnetic compass which helps in navigating with the help of creating waypoints when flying offline in autonomous mode. It also has a barometric pressure sensor which helps in determining the altitude of the aircraft.
  • It offers optimised APIs and SDKs for developers working with integrations. It is useful for users who need to develop and test firmware for a stable flight.
  • It provides various open-source development tools such as web-based flight log analysis for sensor data visualization, dynamics simulation with high-performance physics engines. These tools can be integrated with different IoT devices for data acquisitions.
Cost-Effective In-Vehicle Infotainment System Reference Design

As Pixhawk PX4 provides a user-friendly open-source environment, It provides developer to analyse the current PX4 systems and make some useful modifications about different flight models such as UAV’s, Planes, Helicopters and Multirotors.

PX4 has recently released PX4 1.9 which is the latest version of firmware of the flight controller.

Link for reference designs related to Schematics, PCB files and Bill Of Materials.

Link For open source software development tools and firmware.



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