Ten Watt Reed Relay for Compact Circuit Designing

Manas Upadhyay


Pickering Electronics has developed a 10W version of its 4mm2 reed relay family with a PCB footprint of 4x4mm, facilitating the highest packing density currently available.

10 watt reed relay 4mm
10-watt reed relay 4mm

Pickering Electronics has introduced an Ultra-high density 4mm x 4mm stack reed relay product which claims to be the highest packing density currently available in the industry. The relays feature the highest quality instrumentation grade reed switches and internal switches. Reed Relays are considered to be ideal for very high-density applications such as automatic testing equipment matrices or multiplexers.

A reed relay is a type of relay that uses an electromagnet to control one or more reed switches. The contacts are of magnetic material and the electromagnet acts directly on them without requiring an armature to move them. Sealed in a long, narrow glass tube, the contacts are protected from corrosion. The glass envelope may contain multiple reed switches or multiple reed switches can be inserted into a single bobbin and actuate simultaneously.


The reed relays designed to be fit in a 4mm x 4mm size area, withstanding a continuous current load of 0.5 amperes and the rated power for the relay is 10 watt. It is a single pole single throw (SPST ) type of reed relay with a single Normally Open (NO) contact point.

Mr Keith Moore, CEO at Pickering Electronics talked about the design of the relay in an interview as “We launched our first 4mm2TM product, the Series 120, with a switching rating of up to 1A at 20W and a height of 15.5mm. Last year, the Series 124 reduced this profile to 9.5mm but with a slightly lower rating of 0.5A at 5W. We can now provide customers with the new Series 122 device which fills the gap in our product range and offers the flexibility required to design in a product that exactly matches their requirements.”

Smallest Reed Relays Take Up 4mm x 4mm Board Area

Some of the salient features for the reed relay are:

  • The coil voltage is 3 Volts to 5 Volts.
  • It has fast close and releasing times which decreases the chances of spark generation.
  • The switching time is nearly 150 microseconds which makes the relays ideal for high-speed test systems.
  • It is suitable for Automatic testing equipment switching matrices or multiplexers.
  • It has an internal mu magnetic screen which allows high packing density leading to compact size and requires less space.
  • It is tested for dynamic contact resistance for optimum performance.
  • It used the Formerless Coil Construction technique which optimises magnetic efficiency leading to faster switching.
  • The insulation resistance is greater than 1012 Ω.
  • Compatible with both SMD and through-hole sockets.
  • All these features make it a good product in the Reed Relay Industry and for applications requiring Fast Switching and design compactness.

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