New Precised positioning Systems for IoT Applications

Manas Upadhyay

  • Works on a centimetre-level positioning Systems. 
  • It can be a better upgrade to concurrent transport systems for better accuracy.
Touglas Edge Locate Module
Touglas Edge Locate Module

Taoglas and U-Blox bring centimetre-level positioning Systems for Better Precisions
Taoglas has developed a centimetre-level GNSS positioning solution using the U-Blox ZED-F9P and an L1/L2/E5 GNSS receiver to provide a cutting edge in the GPS technology, increasing the precision of the coordinate system. The Edge Locate positioning module simplifies the development and deployments of IoT solutions that depend on high precision positioning information.

The ublox ZED‑F9P high precision GNSS module on other application.
The Ublox ZED‑F9P high precision GNSS module on other application.

The U-Blox ZED-F9P GNSS features concurrent reception for coordinate systems like GPS, Glonass, Galileo, and Beidou on multiple frequency bands and has a dedicated integrated smart antenna which optimises multi-band GNSS applications.

As GPS plays an important role in many prominent areas as transport facilities, delivery systems, drone and robotics application etc, it can be a crucial Gameplayer in all the fields as the previous version were with a precision tolerance in metres but with this approach, it will be further reduced to centimetres which will increase the accuracy of the device.


The TAOGLAS Edge Connect is a cellular data service based device which is an Industrial grade end to end based IoT device. It provides a large range of hardware-based IoT solution for different industries which require precision-based devices related to IoT.

The TAOGLAS Edge Insight is combined with the solution which provides a scalable end-to-end solution for easy control, maintenance and secure management of many different connected machines, systems, instruments, and appliances, regardless of sensor or machine Interface.

Ronan Quinlan, Co-CEO of Taoglas Limited on the press release of the device discussed the impact of the device on the present IoT environments, He quoted :

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Take an example from the burgeoning micro‑mobility industry. When granting licenses from a trial, the city authorities would like to monitor the riders of e‑scooters, ensuring riders are staying off footpaths, or parking in designated areas. The problem is that today’s legacy GPS solutions don’t often know which side of the road a scooter is on. Whereas with our solution, fleet operators can pinpoint within just a few centimetres where a device is located .”

U-Blox claims to target mass production sectors to be targeted for the procurement of this device as it tends to be more rugged, precise and cost-effective compared to all the other solutions being provided in this segment.



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