SiTime New Rugged MEMS based Oscillators brings Better Precision to Clock Based Devices

Manas Upadhyay

  • Oscillator claimed to be 30,000g Shock and 70g Vibration Resistant.
  • One Billion hours Mean Time Between Failures.
MEMS oscillator
The SI Time MEMS oscillator 

RFMW recently announced and extended sales and design support to the all-new MEMS-based timing solutions from SiTime Industries who are a market leader in MEMS-based timing solutions.

MEMS referred to as micro-electromechanical systems which carry both mechanical as well as electronics systems in a single component. It is now also getting introduced in developing oscillators used for developing accurate clocks for processors and controllers. It is proving to be much efficient and accurate as compared to ‘Quartz’ which is the earlier used solution for generating clocks.

SiTime EnduraTM oscillators claim to provide the highest robustness and reliability with their new product in the oscillator market. The component claimed to outperform under harsh conditional environments like airflow, perturbation, mechanical shocks, power supply noises and electromagnetic interferences and hence can be the best choice to be used in aerospace and defence applications where higher precision is a priority.


As the use of processors and microcontrollers is increasing day by day and is not confined to safe working environments, the creation of a more rugged oscillator which can sustain vibrations and shocks is a necessity for the industries. By looking at the specifications provided by the company regarding this component, It seems to be one of the major game players in the oscillator industry.

SiTime Endura offers robust features like –

  • Acceleration sensitivity of 0.004pb/g.
  • Shock resistance up to 30,000 grams.
  • Vibration resistance up to 70 grams.
  • Tested for 1 billion hours for Mean Time Before Failure.
  • Over 500+ parts per billion and longer life over 20 years.
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It has shown exceptional dynamic stability under airflow and proved to be a rugged device in the oscillator category. The device can be synchronized with any of the processors and provide maximum flexibility with factory programmable devices.

The working frequency for the oscillator ranges between 1 to 725 MHz with a -55°C to 125°C maximum operating temperature range. The oscillator is equipped with On-chip regulators which eliminates the need for connecting an external Linear voltage regulator.
The device has inbuilt quartz free, MEMS-based resonator designed to have a longer run over industrial applications. However, the resonator is immune to shocks and vibrations.

The company confirms the component fulfils both MIL-PRF-55310 and MIL-STD-883 design specification standards and all type of up-screening support is available from SiTime team.
This oscillator can be a major key player in the defence, industrial and aerospace industries as the precision requirement is increasing for all these industries as the technology is evolving.



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