Infineon’s Evaluation Board Paves Way For SiC Technology In Motor Drives


The board consists of Infineon’s EasyPack power module and CoolSiC MOSFET

Infineon’s evaluation board EVAL-M5-E1B1245N-SiC

To allow effective implementation of industrial SiC (Silicon Carbide) in motor drives, Infineon Technologies has launched the EVAL-M5-E1B1245N-SiC evaluation board. Through this, the company intends to provide continuous support to electronics designers involved in designing industrial drives.

The evaluation board comprises of EasyPACK 1B power module in Sixpack configuration with a 1200 V CoolSiC MOSFET (FS45MR12W1M1_B11), a 3-phase AC connector, EMI filter, rectifier and a 3-phase output for connecting the motor. Based on the Modular Application Design Kit (MADK), the board is equipped with standard M5 32-pin interface for connection to a XMC DriveCard 4400 or 1300 control unit.


Optimised for general purpose drives and servo drives with very high frequency, the evaluation board has an input voltage range of 340 to 480 V AC and an on-state resistance of 45 mΩ. The circuit for current and voltage is equipped with elements for a sensor-less field oriented control (FOC). The EVAL-M5-E1B1245N-SiC has a low inductive design, that integrates NTC temperature sensors and a lead-free terminal plating (RoHS compliant).

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