5 Flight Controllers for your Two-inch Micro Drone

Manas Upadhyay

FPV drones,defense,Security
FPV drones are a growing need for racing and defence applications.
  • DGCA’s drone policies came into effect from December 2018.
  • Microdrones do not require a UIN right now for under 200 feet.

Drones are an emerging sector in technology which is covering most of the sectors including marketing, sports, cinematography, surveillance, and transportation.

Since the beginning of unmanned aerial technologies back in 1916, this sector has seen a huge advancement in terms of endurance, quality and durability of systems associated to make a drone operable. Three different categories were also introduced for drones according to the mechanism it is using namely Fixed Wing, Single Rotor and Multirotors. Multirotors are used efficiently in most of the sectors now. They are categorised into three different categories according to weight as Microdrones, Mini drones, and Small drones.

Microdrones fall under the category of below 250 grams weight and the need for Unique Identification Number(UIN) is not in India right now to fly till 200 feet. All these policies are designed by DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) and are applicable for every drone flyer in India.


Microdrones generally are developed in a frame size between 65mm to 150mm. Here are the top five Flight Controllers that can give your drones an absolute rigidity and a massive power punch :

Diatone Mamba F722 mini

The Diatone Mamba focuses on providing a powerful brushless flight controller in the 20mm x 20mm mounting category. It is an STM32 F772 processor-based device and provides all the configuration and changes to be done on board. The weight of the board is just 3.9 grams and the operating voltage is between 2-6s lipo batteries (7.4 volts to 22.2 volts). It can be stacked up manually on a 4 in 1 ESC or can be with Mamba 30a 4 in 1 ESC in a tower configuration.

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Here is the link for the product :

Diatone Mamba F722 Mini 20×20 Flight Controller

Description Note: The STM32F722 generates much heat, please leave at least 5mm on both sides of the FC to give good air circulation. Diatone’s Mamba series gives racers an edge in competition. The latest F7 processing technology means you can focus on flying, not on the limits of your equipment, even in a 20×20 form factor FC.

Matek F722 Mini

The Matek F722 Mini is another member in the Matek brushless flight controllers category providing a huge value of operating voltage hence making it usable for even mini multirotor. It is another STM32 F722 processor-based device for easy configurations and settings and has an amount size of 20mm x 20mm. The operating voltage varies from 2-8s lipo batteries (7.4 volts to 30 volts) and the weight of the controller is 5 grams. This controller can be stacked up with Matek 20a-30a 4 in 1 ESC in a tower configuration.

Here is the link for the product :

Matek F722 Mini 2-8S 20×20 Flight Controller

Immense power in a small package! Matek has added another member to their line of mini 20x20mm flight controllers; the F722-Mini with dual gyros, VTX power switch, and on board blackbox. This will fit great in your micro sized 2″ and 3″ builds or any ultralight 5″ and 6″ builds.

RaceFlight MillivoltOSD

The RaceFlight MillivoltOSD is the latest creation in this micro drone flight controllers for the brushless category. The controller is based on the latest software FlightOne used for flight controller configuration and settings. The device is based on the STM32 F405 processor and can be easily stacked up with the FlightOne Spark Micro 4 in 1 25a ESC. The weight of the controller is 3.3 grams and the mounting dimensions are 20mm x 20mm.The actual dimension of the board is 25mm x 25mm. The operating voltage is between 2-6s lipo batteries (7.4 volts to 24 volts).

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Here is the link for the product :


SP Racing F3 Evo Brushed Flight Controller

The SP Racing F3 Evo is an STM32 F303 processor-based controller which is a good choice for brushed multi-rotors. The operating voltage for the controller is between 1-2s lipo batteries (3.7 volts to 8.4 volts) and has inbuilt MOSFETs which work as ESC and providing a continuous current rated 10 amperes on each channel. The weight of the controller is 15 grams and the dimensions are 32mm x 22mm x 2mm.

Here is the link for the product :


Hobbywing XRotor Nano F4 Flight Controller

The Hobbywing XRotor Nano is an STM32 F405 processor-based controller which is a budget flight controller having all the capabilities of an efficient flight controller. The weight of the controller is 3.3 grams and is built-in with On-screen Display(OSD) for the First-person view. The working voltage for the controller is 2s-4s(7.4 volts to 14.8volts ) and can be easily stacked with XRotor 25a 4in 1 ESC in a tower configuration. The dimensions for the controllers are 32mm x 32mm x 5mm.

Here is the link for the product :


All these flight controllers are the growing choice for beginners as well as developers who are flying two inches or three-inch multirotor and required immense speed and stabilisation.




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