CML 3-Stage Power Amplifier IC That Offers 39 dB Gain


Its high power efficiency in class-A, class-AB and class-C operating modes makes it suitable for radio communications

CML Microcircuits’ CMX902 is a three-stage wideband, high gain and high efficiency RF Power Amplifier IC operating over 130MHz to 700MHz with up to 39 dB of RF power gain. The device is ideally suited for use in VHF and low UHF radio applications such as data modules, Marine VHF communications, general purpose low power RF transmitters and radio applications used in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) systems.

High power added efficiency is a key feature of this device, supporting low voltage battery powered applications. The first and second stages of the amplifier operate in a class-A and class-AB mode respectively, and the third stage operates in class-C mode for maximum efficiency. Input and output matched circuits are implemented via external components and therefore can be adjusted to obtain maximum power and efficiency at the desired operating frequency. Output power at 160 MHz, with a 4V supply that reaches 2.8 Watts. At 435 MHz, 1.75 watts is available with a 3.3V supply supporting IoT and Smart Meter applications in the ISM band.


The CMX902 is available in a small footprint 5mm x 5mm low thermal resistance 28-pin WQFN package making it ideal for low power and small form factor applications.

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