PMICs That Feature Excellent Range Of Power Management Solutions


Does not require any software programming and is highly customisable

AnDAPT, the designer and manufacturer of Adaptable and On-Demand Power Management solutions has introduced four new Adaptable Power Management Integrated Circuits (Adaptable PMICs) for covering a wide range of applications across power industry.

Built on the AmP™mixed-signal FPGA platform ICs (consisting of DrMOS controllers) for up to 40A power rails, these ICs enable AnDAPT to create several Off-the-Shelf PMICs for a broader applications.

No programming required


Adaptable PMICs do not require any software programming or coding and yet have the capability to offer high performance, small form factor, outstanding flexibility and time-to-market and ease of use, while taking care of the cost and development time. Any required configuration can be made using AnDAPT’s cloud based WebAdapter™ tool.

Comprises excellent range of solutions

The AnD7XXX product family has a 5mm x 5mm package with a top-notch system solution comprising of: single phase DrMOS controller, buck converters, load switch (LDSW), 4 general purpose LDOs and fault protection features for powering chipsets, processors and memory rails.

The Adaptable AnD7XXX family of PMICs includes:

  • AnD7200: One DrMOS controller, two synchronous buck converters (10A each)
  • AnD7220: One DrMOS controller, one synchronous buck converter (10A), one synchronous buck converter (6A), and 2 high current LDOs (1A)
  • AnD7202: One DrMOS controller, one synchronous buck converter (10A), one synchronous buck converter (6A), and two high current (6A each) load switches
  • AnD7122: One DrMOS controller, one synchronous buck converter (10A), two high current LDOs (1A), and two high current load switches (6A each)

“Our new Adaptable PMIC family brings unique topology and unprecedented level of integration capabilities to address different customer applications requirements, while leveraging the AmP IC,” said Zaryab Hamavand, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at AnDAPT. “Now customers have access to a new level of integration in PMICs, which fits their application needs through exceptional flexibility and performance.”

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Customisable as per requirement

Users have the flexibility to customise and make desired topology changes to the PMIC, within low cost and low development time. All this allows AnDAPT to bring to market the most cutting-edge power management solutions, equipped by an extensive library of Power Components and topologies for wider application specific solutions.

“By addressing additional integration capabilities of discrete power devices, standard power management IC and the custom PMIC markets, AnDAPT is expanding its Total Available Market to greater than $5 billion,” added Zaryab. “This technology is disrupting the power device ecosystem, by bringing the performance of existing analog technology and the flexibility of digital programmable fabric, all in one monolithic semiconductor IC.”



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