Traco’s 40 Watt DC/DC Converters With Improved Cost & Performance


The new products have high efficiency (upto 93 percent) and come with a wide operating temperature range

TRACO POWER announces their new TEN 40E and TEN 40WIE families of 40 watt high-density DC/DC Converters optimized to reduce cost and improve performance in the industry standard 1” x 2” footprint.

The primary difference between these two families of DC/DC converters is the TEN 40E has wide 2:1 input ranges of 9-18 / 18-36 / 36-75 VDC versus the TEN 40WIE series with 4:1 ultra-wide input ranges of 9-36 / 18-75 VDC.  Each family offers 5 single outputs of 3.3 / 5 / 12 / 15 / 24 VDC and three dual outputs of ±12 / ±15 / ±24 VDC. Standard features include: 1600 VDC isolation; high efficiency operation up to 93 percent; remote on/off control; output voltage trim;


-40C to +85C operating temperature range (see derating); >1.2 million hours MTBF; and protection circuits for over-voltage / over-current and continuous short-circuit with auto-recovery.  All models are backed a 3-year product warranty and safety approved to EN / IEC / UL 62368-1.  Typical applications include industrial equipment, instrumentation, information technology and any distributed power architecture where weight and space are critical on the PCB.

Products are in stock and available through the TRACO POWER global distribution network with manufacturing lead times of 12-14 weeks.

See TEN 40E and TEN 40WIE for more product details

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