ROHM Launches Its New Series Of Noise Tolerant Comparators


The ICs have been developed with the help ROHM’s cutting technology for noise suppression, the EMARMOUR™. Ideal for wide automotive applications

In order to evaluate measures for optimal noise performance of systems during the developmental phase, ROHM has developed the BA8290xYxxx-C series of comparators for providing tolerance against noise resistance and suppressing unwanted EMI.  These devices ideal for sensor applications in automotive systems such as ECUs and powertrain.

Now, the required evaluation will need not be done after the complete assembly process of an automotive, which is quite costly and requires several repetitions.


In contrast, ROHM’s new series is not susceptible to noise, providing greater reliability while reducing system design man-hours by reducing the amount of time needed for noise evaluation and measure implementation that typically require the use of external filters.

ROHM will offer these new comparators as one of the EMARMOUR™ series. ROHM is committed to enabling even simpler designs and greater reliability in automotive systems by expanding this high noise-tolerant technology to other power supply ICs from ROHM.


EMARMOUR™ is a technology developed by ROHM that features superior noise tolerance that reduces design resources and time while improving reliability to achieve ultra-high noise immunity.

Conventional comparators usually have output voltage fluctuations of up to ±20 percent due to noise, which can lead to malfunctions. However, ROHM’s EMARMOUR™ technology brings that down to a mere ±1 percent across the entire noise frequency band. In contrast, This makes ROHM’s newly launched ICs immune to noise, thus providing greater reliability and a decreased system design time.

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  1. Less number of noise suppression components

Its superior noise tolerance feature eliminates the need for external noise suppression components such as CR filters. Example, for a 4 channel comparator, ROHM’s new products require 28 fewer components than conventional noise reduction ICs.

  1. Meets international automotive standards

The BA8290xYxxx-C series qualifies the automotive reliability standard, AEC-Q100 for reducing both current consumption (0.6mA vs 0.8mA) and offset voltage (±5mV vs ±7mV).


This mainly includes automotive applications such as ECUs, Electric power steering, EV/HEV inverters, navigation and various other onboard noise-sensitive electrical systems.

See here to know more about the BA8290xYxxx-C series.



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