CML Microcircuits’ AIS Class B Protocol Stack Processor


Allows designers and manufacturers to quickly develop AIS Class B CSTDMA transceivers for emerging market applications

CML Microcircuits’ Automatic Identification System (AIS) processor, the SCT7033 embeds the full AIS Class B CSTDMA protocol stack within the device thereby reducing development expense and enabling faster time to market for a compliant transponder.

Programmable across the entire marine band (156.000 to 162.050 MHz), it implements a dual-channel receiver and single transmitter. CML’s ITU-R M.1371-5 compliant protocol stack has been proven in equipment passing stringent maritime industry certification providing safety at sea and aiding navigation.


The SCT7033 is a complete, proven, protocol solution that seamlessly integrates with CML’s CMX7032 Marine AIS Baseband Processor and allows designers and manufacturers to quickly develop AIS Class B CSTDMA transceivers, targeting emerging market applications. The DE70322T kit provides a GUI to enable production line configuration specific to the device or its vessel.


• TU-R M.1371-5 compliant
• uBlox GNSS interface
• USB and UART Presentation Interfaces
• LED indicator drivers for channel and operational status
• DSC decoder included
• Optional GPIO for future customization
• 100LQFP package

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