STMicro’s Distortion-Cancelling High Voltage LED Driver That Saves Energy For Lighting Applications


Meets designers’ needs for a single control IC to address multiple medium- and high-power LED-lighting applications up to 80W

STMicroelectronics, a global leader in providing semiconductor solutions, has released its distortion-cancelling input-current shaping (ICS) circuit, the HVLED007 AC/DC LED driver that enables solid-state devices to save energy in compliance with strict lighting regulations.

High power factor

The HVLED007 is a current-mode PFC (Power Factor Correction) controller that is optimised for use with isolated, high-power-factor, quasi-resonant flyback converters. The ICS maintains an effective sinusoidal input waveform with very low total harmonic distortion (THD) over the full load and input-voltage range (THD is below 5% at full load). The IC has a near-unity power factor and maximum energy efficiency over 90 percent.

Outdoor application


The HVLED007 can operate down to -40°C. Applications include indoor and outdoor lighting such as streetlighting. Its totem-pole output stage can source and sink 600mA and 800mA respectively, thus enabling use in EN61000-3-2 compliant switched-mode power supplies up to 100W in addition to lighting applications. In-built protection features include short-circuit, overload and over-voltage.

The HVLED007 completes ST’s HVLED family of digital ICs for driving LEDs. With advanced features that support economical primary-side regulation, HVLED drivers lower down the bill-of-materials costs and provide compact circuit size while enhancing system reliability and lighting performance.

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